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An Ancient Tale of How Actions Control FateRead More»

An Ancient Tale of How Actions Control Fate

Pine, Plum and Cranes, 1759, by Shen Quan (1682—1760) How acting without virtue can affect one’s life During the Qing Dynasty, there were twin brothers who lived in Yuzhang. They not only looked the same, but they acted the same as well, so much so even their parents couldn’t tell them apart. At school, even [...]

Date:04/09/2013 | Category:China Culture&News

One Good Turn Deserves AnotherRead More»

One Good Turn Deserves Another

A father and son. (p.parkhomenko/Flickr) At the end of the Ming Dynasty, there was a war led by Li Zicheng. During the war, a wealthy man from Shanxi called Mr Yuan was forced to bring his only son to find refuge. But his son got lost during their hurried retreat. Mr Yuan looked everywhere for [...]

Date:04/09/2013 | Category:China Culture&News

A Beggar with a PearlRead More»

A Beggar with a Pearl

Black, Chinese & White Laborers In A Gold Mine In South Africa [c1890-1923] Frank & Frances Carpenter [RESTORED]. (ralphrepo/Flickr) An unenlightened life of toil Once upon a time, a poor man went to visit his relative and was warmly welcomed with a feast. At the end of the night, he became drunk and fell asleep [...]

Date:04/09/2013 | Category:China Culture&News

Great Virtues Bring Him A Brighter FutureRead More»

Great Virtues Bring Him A Brighter Future

A Yuan Dynasty jade belt. (Mountain/Wikipedia) At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Wenliang Yu, a good friend of the great military counsellor Liu Bowen, had been known as a virtuous and talented person since he was young. And he was quite handsome when he grew up. He was best known for his great virtues, [...]

Date:04/09/2013 | Category:China Culture&News

The Merchant Who Rigged His BalanceRead More»

The Merchant Who Rigged His Balance

Traditional Chinese scale. (jimmiehomeschoolmom/Flickr) Zhao Defang was the father of three sons. He lived towards at the end of the Qing Dynasty and enjoyed a very prosperous life. All of his sons were married. When Zhao celebrated his 60th birthday, he confessed to his three sons that when he first set up his family business, [...]

Date:04/07/2013 | Category:China Culture&News

Merry Christmas & Happy New YearRead More»

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Santa in car. (Brad T./China Gaze) Dear Readers, China Gaze web would like to wish all our valued readers a relaxing and safe holiday season. We thank you for your support throughout the year and wish you and your family a prosperous 2013. Editors (Brad T./China Gaze)

Date:04/07/2013 | Category:China Culture&News

A Midwife Suffers Divine RetributionRead More»

A Midwife Suffers Divine Retribution

Lightning and thunder. In June of the fifty-seventh year of Qing Emperor Qianlong, a pregnant woman in a village in Andong County was going to give birth. She invited a midwife to help her. After the woman safely gave birth to a baby boy, the midwife stayed overnight in the woman’s home and left next [...]

Date:04/07/2013 | Category:China Culture&News

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