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Global Q&A: ‘What new health issues have you seen emerge in your region?’

04/04/2013 3:30

A range of health problems exist. This is what Epoch Times reporters from Russia to Sweden discovered when they asked locals:

What new health issues have you seen emerge in your region?

Elena Abramova, Lermontov, Russia (The Epoch Times)Elena Abramova, Lermontov, Russia (The Epoch Times)


Lermontov, Russia

Elena Abramova, 64, Doctor/Medical Statistician

In our region, cardiovascular diseases are leading as before. We don’t see any new diseases emerging, and in our work we try to emphasize preventive health care.

Dr. Sangeeta Pandey, Bangalore, India (The Epoch Times)Dr. Sangeeta Pandey, Bangalore, India (The Epoch Times)


Bangalore, India

Dr. Sangeeta Pandey, 45, Nutrition Expert/Nutritionist

Recent health issues are: One, vitamin D deficiency, which affects immunity and is due to a lack of exposure to sunlight and poor consumption of dairy products. Two, hypothyroidism, which mainly affects young girls and adult women. Three, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is affecting many girls. Four, skin allergies have increased due to closed environments, traveling, and working in air-conditioned environments.

Dr. Donna McRitchie, Toronto, Canada (Courtesy of the North York General Hospital)Dr. Donna McRitchie, Toronto, Canada (Courtesy of the North York General Hospital)


Toronto, Canada

Dr. Donna McRitchie, VP of Medical and Academic Affairs

One is the interface between alternative medicine and conventional medicine. It’s an area that’s not new, but that’s becoming problematic in terms of the integration of the two. The other is the end of life decision-making process [and the question of] where do the patient, the family, and the clinician’s judgment and knowledge come into play. That’s where there’s an increasing conflict between what the patient thinks is the right thing to do and what the clinician thinks is the right thing to do. … One issue is cost —it’s accountability to the people who fund our health system.

Rafaela Novaes de Abreu, Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil (The Epoch Times)Rafaela Novaes de Abreu, Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil (The Epoch Times)


Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Rafaela Novaes de Abreu, 23, Forest Engineering Student

The most discussed topic in my region related to diseases is dengue*, which gains special attention in the summer. At the moment, many of my friends and I are suffering from sore throats and colds, since there was a marked change in the seasons, due to the passage of summer into fall.

Note: Dengue is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus, which is transmitted by several species of mosquito within the genus Aedes.

Andrianna Kourdi, New York, USA (The Epoch Times)Andrianna Kourdi, New York, USA (The Epoch Times)


New York, USA

Andrianna Kourdi, 39, Dance Teacher

[There are] a lot of hormonal imbalances with a lot of people—like a lot of my friends have a lot of hormonal imbalances that affects their moods, and their period, and everything. That’s basically the main thing, and also obesity. It’s been a health issue, but I think it’s a problem [with] the lack of nutrition in food, and the people aren’t really paying attention to what they’re putting in their bodies. They just eat whatever they find, they don’t do their research. So, I think stress and lack of good nutrition.

Anna Nikolayeva, Kyiv, Ukraine (The Epoch Times)Anna Nikolayeva, Kyiv, Ukraine (The Epoch Times)


Kyiv, Ukraine

Anna Nikolayeva, Student

In Ukraine, I do not know. [Previously,], I was in Germany, in Munich. [There] I noticed people try to eat pure food, and they pay great attention to household cleaning products [to be organic], they’re more focused on it [than Ukrainians]. … Sports is also more available [in Germany]. It would be great if it would be so here. There are exercises [in German sport complexes] for children, adults, and for pensioners. In Ukraine, sports should be taught to young people, more sports facilities should be opened for children. It needs to be available for parents. Our youth is physically weak.

Nicholas Injoglou, Athens, Greece (The Epoch Times)Nicholas Injoglou, Athens, Greece (The Epoch Times)


Athens, Greece

Nicholas Injoglou, 31, Musician

I notice that more and more people are greatly fatigued [and] exhausted, without necessarily doing something tedious. I think that happens, perhaps from the chemicals in the food and the atmosphere.

Kay Mclarney, Buderim, Australia (The Epoch Times)Kay Mclarney, Buderim, Australia (The Epoch Times)


Buderim, Australia

Kay Mclarney, 44, Registered Nurse

I’m fortunate, I work in the private health system. There are a lot of issues with public nurses at the moment,—a lot of them are getting laid off. We get a lot of graduates who come through who have done their training, which they have had to pay for themselves, and they’re just not getting any jobs. This day and age it’s really bad. Yes that’s my main concern. Who is going to be looking after people? It’s Campbell Newman [new premier for Queensland], since he has taken over up here. It’s just gone dire and there are so many problems with the public health system at the moment.

Ana María Jiménez Hernando, Guadalajara, Spain (The Epoch Times)Ana María Jiménez Hernando, Guadalajara, Spain (The Epoch Times)


Guadalajara, Spain

Ana María Jiménez Hernando, 67, Retired Administrator

I have seen many problems intensified—cancer, especially cancer of the colon.

Marta Secilia Lopez, Colombia (The Epoch Times)Marta Secilia Lopez, Colombia (The Epoch Times)



Marta Secilia Lopez, 50, Home Duties

There is a disease called COPD [Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease], which is an outcome of smoke inhalation from cars or cigarettes, etcetera. A drying of the lungs that consequently affects the lungs and heart.

Ronald Espejo, Lima, Peru (The Epoch Times)Ronald Espejo, Lima, Peru (The Epoch Times)


Lima, Peru

Ronald Espejo, 31, Electronic Technician

Health problems I’ve seen in my area of Lima, since I can remember, have always been the simplest: flu, cold, cough, and lung infections. I have heard of TB and hepatitis B that are dangerous, but very little. For the work I do, I travel our country and I have noticed in the mining regions there are many health problems—in Ayacucho, Cerro de Pasco, and others. Mining companies are not aware of the environmental damage they are causing. There are regions where children are being affected, and have hives and allergies difficult to diagnose by the doctors, but studies conclude that it is by air and water pollution.

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